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We always say and we try to make it simple, if you need intercom repair, or any type of repair, do not wait till it is too late. Call Staten Island Camera & Intercom Pro for same day intercom repair in Staten Island. Don’t wait for an emergency to find out that you need intercom repair in Staten Island! For homes where you already have an intercom system, make sure it’s running the way it should. After your intercom installation, make sure to regularly test your system. One of the issues that can appear with your intercom system and prevent it from working properly may be a humming or a loud noise when the talk button is pressed. Staten Island Camera & Intercom Pro offers local intercom repair in Staten Island NY. We will be there for you today.

Staten Island Camera & Intercom Pro consider intercom systems and emergency telephone systems in Staten Island Camera & Intercom Pro part of an overall security package. During our security systems installation all over Staten Island we often install intercom systems with intrusion detection, access control, parking control and CCTV Systems. We can do it all, so you know you can get it all from us.
Our experts install residential intercom and door entry systems in Staten Island New York to provide simple communication between rooms and outside entry areas. For small to large homes a system can be designed to meet virtually any communication need. These systems may include a video monitor in the master intercom and are used for office entry in commercial applications.
For multi-family or multi-tenant applications, the experts of Staten Island Camera & Intercom Pro install telephone entry systems. These may have a handset or they may be “hands-free”. Visitors contact the desired tenant by entering a simple directory code and the resident/tenant then grants or denies access.
For college and corporate campuses, hospitals, parking facilities and shopping centers, we install highly visible emergency communication devices. These units are vandal resistant and high profile so that when activated they call a security center and activate a vivid strobe light at the unit. These systems form a favorable perception that the institution has taken an active stance on protecting them as they walk about the campus or facility.

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Commercial Intercom System Staten Island

When it comes to commercial intercom systems, the options are many. Not all businesses and office buildings in Staten Island are the same, and not all require the same intercom system. Staten Island Camera & Intercom Pro offer all types of intercom systems to answer all your needs. Our Professional Intercom Installation Services in Staten Island are ideal for businesses and offices. For offices we offer onsite programming for weather protected outdoor and indoor hands-free communication, door intercom and answering systems with connectability to phone lines.
For the sizeable office buildings and businesses in Staten Island we offer a diverse array of lobby intercom systems that provide two way communication, as well as full-sized panels for remote control entry and name identification.
For office buildings in Staten Island and businesses that require connected phone line or even cell phone connection we offer telephone access systems that connect your intercoms locally or wirelessly.
And for business and offices we offer video intercom systems which couple the standard applications of regular intercoms with video surveillance. The intercom system we install in Staten Island usually appear is part of our security system installation.
If you would like to learn more, or if you have any questions regarding these products, we welcome you to get in touch with us and one of our experts would be happy to assist you.

At Staten Island Camera & Intercom Pro, we guarantee quality and efficiency in our products and repair services. Our dedication to providing assurance is indicative of our claim to excellence, and we will work with you to insure that your experience with our intercom services is unparalleled the same we have been doing for many years during them our company supplied, installed and serviced many intercom systems in Staten Island.

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If you are in Staten Island, and you are considering intercom installation, take the time to understand all the benefits and the money options the market has to offer. In today’s world, increasing communication throughout your home or your business using an intercom system is a fantastic investment. Not only will our top-of-the-line intercom system increase the safety of your home or your business, but intercom installation is now cheaper and easier than ever before!
Staten Island Camera & Intercom Pro offer competitive prices as well as high quality components to get you the best intercom as part of the security system.

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What are the security advantages of the intercom system?
There many benefits in installing intercom system for a building in Staten Island. Being able to communicate effectively with anyone in the building is important to security. You can use these intercom systems to make announcements and keep areas restricted, and at the same time you will still be able to communicate, particularly in the event of an emergency. Contact Staten Island Camera & Intercom Pro for information and get a new security system/intercom system installed today as we did many times during servicing many businesses and apartment buildings in New York

Who needs intercom systems?
Do you struggle with communication on your home or business in New York? Intercom systems can be a lifesaver for large businesses and institutions and there aren’t many buildings in Staten Island that don’t have one installed. Intercoms can also allow an individual to communicate with other people in the building, in specified locations or across the full building. This can be especially useful in emergencies. In addition, schools often use intercom systems to make school wide announcements. And for other functions that can be modified to serve ones needs.
The intercom systems that can be found in Staten Island are being used for communication between the doors and one or more other locations, meaning you don’t have to be at the door to communicate with visitors. A common example of this is at the entry way of apartment buildings. The intercom system allow the visitor to contact one of the apartments in the building without entering the building. Sound obvious right? There are more options and functions that can be used through intercom systems, we can find the right and the best solution for your needs in Staten Island. All you need to do is to get in touch with Staten Island Camera & Intercom Pro, and one of our experts in Staten Island will be happy to assist.



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