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Staten Island Camera & Intercom Pro is your local security systems company in Staten Island and New York City. We install, repair and service intercom systems and security cameras in Staten Island. We can service any security system, residential and commercial.

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Staten Island Camera & Intercom Pro consider intercom systems as well as security camera systems (As well as other security features) part of an overall security package. During our intercom and camera installation all over Staten Island we often install intercom systems with intrusion detection, access control, parking garage control and CCTV Systems. We can do it all, so you know you can get it all from us.
Our specialists install residential intercom and door entry systems in Manhattan NYC to provide simple communication between rooms and outside entry areas. For small to large homes a system can be designed to meet virtually any communication need. These systems may include a video monitor in the master intercom and are used for office entry in commercial applications.
For multi-family or multi-tenant applications, the specialists of Staten Island Camera & Intercom Pro install telephone entry systems. These may have a handset or they may be “hands-free”. Visitors contact the desired address by entering a simple directory code and the resident/tenant then grants or denies access.

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For college and corporate campuses, hospitals, parking facilities and shopping centers, we install highly visible emergency communication devices. These units are vandal resistant and high profile so that when activated they call a security center and activate a vivid strobe light at the unit. These systems form a favorable perception that the institution has taken an active stance on protecting them as they walk about the campus or facility.

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Today there are many new intercoms that give solutions to different requirements. Our experts offer different types of intercom systems: From simple private home intercom installations, to complicated multi systems that can be found in many buildings and offices in Staten Island. If you would like to learn more about the different developments in the industry, please call us and one of our intercom specialist will be happy to assist you. We have supplied and installed many different intercom systems in Staten Island as well as New York City. If you need intercom repair, you got to the right place. Staten Island Camera & Intercom Pro offer repair services for intercom systems in NYC. We have the tools and the knowledge to deal with any type of intercom system in New York. Call us at (347) 389-1486 and get answers to all your questions.


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Regardless of whether your company in Staten Island have 5 employees or 500, you can always increase productivity simply by letting employees know that they’re always being monitored, and that at any given time you can watch them. Right now, or in the past. Visible security cameras are enough to encourage employees to do their job properly, and not waste time which will help to track the productivity of your workers and work on improving the efficiency of your business.
Additionally, security cameras enable you to ensure customer’s service is being handled properly and hold your employees to your level of standard as every company in Staten Island Needs to. They will also allow you to monitor your employees who handle cash registers, valuable items, have access to safes, stockrooms and products to protect your business against employee theft.

Staten Island Camera & Intercom Pro provides installation of high resolution, high retention and high quality IP and HD Analog camera systems in Staten Island NY. Security cameras have become a proven tool for increasing security and helping prevent losses due to vandalism, theft, and unfounded liability claims.  More recently, video surveillance cameras is used as a managing tool to not only increase productivity but enhance planning and scheduling and to better understand the way a company operates.  Selecting the right security system has become hard considering the unique types of technologies now available on the market.  From analog to IP based systems or single site to multi-site systems, Staten Island Camera & Intercom Pro of Staten Island can supply and install on your most complex projects.

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Just like many other fields, the security system installation is not different in a way that when you invest in quality, you get quality in return and you are getting a system that can last for many years with need for minimum maintenance. There are security systems we installed in New York 15 years ago and they are still working today. From the simple reason: We are big believers in quality. When you supply quality you will get a system that will be easier to install, program and maintain. All our clients know that when they choose Staten Island Camera & Intercom Pro to do a job for them, they are getting quality in return. If you would like to read what our clients think about the service of Staten Island Camera & Intercom Pro, check out our Yelp page and see what our customers think about the security system service of Staten Island Camera & Intercom Pro. Call us at (347) 389-1486 for security system installation in Staten Island NY.


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If you live in Staten Island, or anywhere in New York City, and you are looking for a home automation system that you can rely on, call Staten Island Camera & Intercom Pro for high end products, installation and service.
At Staten Island Camera & Intercom Pro, we believe in helping homes and businesses in Staten Island and the surrounding areas live their best digital lives. That’s why we specialize in integrating your technology into a single smart home automation system such as the systems Staten Island Camera & Intercom Pro supply and install. With one-touch controls of the components throughout your property, you can enjoy the convenience, ease and savings of custom electronic technology. Give us a call at (347) 389-1486 and start enjoying home automation.
Your home or your business are full of technology. From the television in your living room, to the voice blocker in your office, to the lighting fixtures on every wall, you use complex technology every day. But what if the same device you used to change the channel could also dim the lights, or adjust the temperature on your thermostat? Sounds good no? Well, what not that long ago sounded like fiction, is reality today, and our experts can make it happen.
A wisely integrated home automation system makes your life easier than ever before by making each device work together to form a comprehensive system. One-touch controls, pre-set timers and programmable scenes are just a few of the ways an integrated system can simplify your spaces.

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For some, the idea of a smart home system seems scary, complicated and luxury. In fact, it’s so easy to use that your entire family will learn how it works and will probably wonder why did we wait that long. Whether you prefer a touch-screen interface that you can enjoy on a dedicated control or personal mobile device, or traditional hard button panels customized to your system, Staten Island Camera & Intercom Pro offers plenty of options for your spaces.

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Quality is an important thing when considering a new alarm system. When considering new alarm system installation, you must aim for the best. Security is not the something you want to save money by choosing low quality alarm system. There are many alarm system installers in Staten Island, but not all of them are qualified to service the complicated systems. We at Staten Island Camera & Intercom Pro can service, repair and install the simple residential alarm systems that can be found in many homes in Staten Island, and our technicians can also service the complicated commercial alarm systems can be found in Staten Island, New York. To get the best consultation free of charge about alarm system in Staten Island and New York, Call us at (347) 389-1486 for security system installation in Staten Island NY.